5" Mini Jet Feather Unrigged- Blue/White - 6 pcsZoom

5" Mini Jet Feather Unrigged- Blue/White - 6 pcs

Item# newitem1499562334
Here are 6 pieces brand new 5” unrigged Mini Bullet Jet Feather. Feathers act as an underskirt and are covered by a vinyl outer skirt with eyes. The jet-head leaves a tantalizing bubble trail, making it easier for gamefish to track. These little jet heads have saved the day on many an offshore angler’s fishing trip, especially when game fish are picky about the type and size of lure they’ll strike. These economical jets can be rigged in a daisy chain, predator/prey rig, spreader rig or trolled alone, making them an extremely versatile lure.
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