Octopus Hoochie Squid Skirt 4-3/4inches Glow(#7)Zoom

Octopus Hoochie Squid Skirt 4-3/4inches Glow(#7)

Item# octopus-hoochie-squid-skirt-434inches-g4347
Here are 4.75inches Squid Skirts on Glow color. Our 4.75inches Squid Skirt is the perfect bait for a number of different species. From salmon and mackerel to dorado, marlin and even halibut, squid is one of the most productive saltwater trolling lures. These replacement skirts are perfect for your favorite squid rigs. Sanhu Squid Skirt bulk packs are great if you are looking to tie your own Hoochie rigs. Save some money and catch some fish, its that simple.
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