Sanhu Bait Rigs Size#4 Model 417 10 PacksZoom

Sanhu Bait Rigs Size#4 Model 417 10 Packs

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Here are 10 packs of Sanhu Bait Rigs-live bait catching rigs in USA Size #4 with a 30 lbs main line and 20 lbs branch line . These multi-hook jigging rigs are used for catching mackerel, small jacks (caballitos), herring, smelt and other small baitfish. OurSanhu Bait Rigs vary in length depending on number of hooks, but generally, 10 inches of mail lines stretches between 4-inch drop lines. Snap swivel and barrel swivel attach at two ends of rig. Each rig has six red finish hooks, plus varying strengths (lb.- test) of main line and branch lines.
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