Sanhu Rock Cod Feather Rigs 3/0 Red/White 12 PacksZoom

Sanhu Rock Cod Feather Rigs 3/0 Red/White 12 Packs

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Here are 12 packs of 3/0 Red/White Rock Cod Feather Rigs. The ROCK COD RIGS are good at catching rockfishes. Attach enough weight to the snap swivel so the rig can be lowered to the bottom. For best results, use a lead or metal bar type jig as your weight, or attach small pieces of squid to the hooks themselves. A slow vertical jigging motion will induce the most strikes. From Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and Florida up through Canada, these rigs are widely used by anglers for vertically jigging cod, rockfish, batfish, smelt, croaker and various similar fish. Swivels attach at each end of rig. The strengths (lb.- test) of main line is 60lb and branch lines is 30lb. All rigs are supplied in a convenient "One-Pull" dispenser package.
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