Speed Jigs 10.5oz -300g-8pcsZoom

Speed Jigs 10.5oz -300g-8pcs

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Here are 8 pieces of brand new 10.5oz Speed Knife Jigging Jigs with assist hooks and rings. Deep water jigging has been very popular for many years but its popularity has increased exponentially in the past few years. A variety of Pacific Ocean species have been caught using these jigs and techniques. After the bite, every movement of the fish is exaggerated because of the sensitivity of the tackle. Fishing the Knife Jig is easy. First, cast with the current, wind or drift direction of your boat. Let the jig sink to the bottom and begin the retrieve. Retrieve the jig several yards from the bottom, then let the jig sink to the bottom again. Repeat the process several times with each cast.
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